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Koala Daydream

              collection 2019

              Joyful nature meets dreamy adventures in this beautiful
              collection featuring Kimmy Koala, her baby & their lovable

              friends. As adorable companions, they feature across the
              latest Taf Toys developments offering a cute, yet stylish

              Our design team has thoughtfully encompassed the feel of

              a baby’s world, full of joy and happiness, through the cute
              and gentle figure of Koala mom and cuddly baby in their
              magical nature surroundings.

              Taf Toys new “Koala Daydream” collection, with its sophisticated
              colors and exclusive features, will naturally fit stylish moms
              and babie’s lifestyles. These new toys and accessories have
              been proudly added to our Easier Parenting range for 2019,

              offering innovative and playful products to delight both
              babies and parents.

                                                                             Illustrated by
                                                                             Meirav Barzilay

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