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Rattles are not only a common source of entertainment for babies to play with, but can also aid much in their development. Integrating rattles into daily playtime with babies, can promote and strengthen their motor & perceptual abilities such as hand-eye coordination and sensori-motor skills when baby starts to comprehend differences between touches and textures. Rattles can also help babies reach cognitive perceptions which involve their ability to think and reason. One of which is the idea of cause and effect when shaking the rattle to make a sound. Parents can take an active part in baby’s first months by moving the rattle from side to side to encourage baby to visually track the toy when it moves across his line of sight. This technique also encourages focus and attention. Playing peek-a-boo games with the rattle is another useful tool to reinforce the gradual realization of object permanence, which is the ability of a baby to realize the existence of something when it is out of view.


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