Green Commitment & Ethical Code

As baby toy designers our sense of global awareness and responsibility to our world seems to be naturally alert. We are, after all, designing for future generations to come…

We always take the environment into consideration within the planning process of every toy. Although quality standards for baby toys oblige us to use in the most part, new materials, we do our best to incorporate recyclable components into our production whenever we can. A few examples of our green effort:

  • All of our packaging is made from recyclable material and can be recycled as well.
  • We plan our packaging design to be material and space economic.
  • All the plastic in our toys can be recycled.
  • We always try to create designs that require small sized batteries and/or can be operated with re-chargeable batteries.
  • We do not use polycarbonates in our products as this material is considered as dangers.
  • We use premium quality fabrics ensuring their durability and long term enjoyment.

Ethical Codes

Taf Toys adheres to all ethical guidelines during the manufacturing and production process of all of our designs. Taf Toys is firmly against child labor and does not employ any employees under the illegal working age. Our toys are solely manufactured in factories that abide by local government labor laws and including legal working age laws. Furthermore, all of our producers are subjected to periodic audits to ensure complete adherence to local labor and environment laws.