Easier Parenting

Here at Taf Toys we design and develop toys that help to create a smoother parenting experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying every moment with your baby.
Each of our toys has been carefully thought out to contribute to your baby’s development whilst making each interaction more enjoyable, whether its mealtime, bedtime, play time or simply going on a stroll.
Easier parenting for us is all about countless intimate moments of love, fun, happiness and excitement with your baby.

Easier Development
Babies Develop, Parents take pride
Your baby is eager to explore and learn new things every day. That’s why we gathered a team of developmental experts and created a line of state-of-the-art toys that aim to increase your baby’s motor skills, cognition and emotional IQ. Each toy contains lots of age-matched features to help your baby improve his skill set as he grows. Prepare to be amazed by your baby!

Easier Learning
Toddlers learn, Parents delight
Your baby is growing and developing, eager to learn new things every day. Curiosity and independence increase throughout the first year and from around 6 months, your baby is making his first steps into becoming a toddler.
The best experts at Taf Toys together with child development specialists have developed a line of products that promote the developing skills of toddlers in a variety
of areas: motor skills (both gross and fine), problem solving, communication skills & language, emotional intelligence.
Toddler learning is best achieved through play, fun and games.
Let the fun begin!

Easier Drive 
Babies Play, Parents Drive
The key to a smooth car journey is a calm baby. That’s why our car toys offer plenty of easy-to-reach play activities and especially composed music that will help to keep your baby entertained throughout the ride. Easily attach and adjust the toy and you’re ready for a fun and relaxed drive for both you and your baby. Bon Voyage!

Easier Outdoors
Babies Have Fun, Parents Relax
Babies love to experience the outdoors. Whilst parents enjoy a welcome change of scenery, baby gets the chance to discover new and exciting sights, smells and sounds. That’s why we have created toys that make it easier for you and your baby to have fun outside, with special outdoor features such as shading, simple handling and unique activities for your baby. Have a nice trip!

Easier Sleep
Babies Sleep, Parents Rest
It’s been an amazing day together and now both you and your baby need some rest. Our bed-time range of toys help your baby to fall asleep easily using especially composed music and familiar, relaxing sounds combined with soothing lights. This gives you the chance to get some well-deserved sleep so you can recharge yourself ready for another great day full of new discoveries. Nighty Night.

Easier Meals
Babies Eat, Parents Smile
Mealtimes can be rewarding for both you and your baby and our fun highchair toys aim to make feeding your baby a calm and happy experience. Our toys stick easily to any feeding surface and when you’re done, simply wipe clean and off you go on your next adventure with one satisfied baby!