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Urban Garden Pram Book



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  • A double sided soft crinkle baby book from our Urban Garden collection for 2 developmental stages
  • Includes 2 double-sided changing panels that provides an additional illustrations to capture baby’s attention and to refresh book’s look & feel.
  • Provides

    visual stimulation, helps develop baby’s senses & emotional intelligence.


  • Can be used in 3 different positions: floor toy (tummy-time play), pram and crib.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and use on the go
  • Includes a Baby-safe mirror, crinkle pages, sensory textures & beet teether.
  • Size: 15cm x 85cm/5.5” x 33.5

Development Values

  • Double sided soft book for ultimate fun:
    • Side 1 – High contrast colors and simple centered shapes for early visual stimulation to help develop baby’s emotional intelligence.
    • Side 2 – Consists of richly colors, complex images, patterns, baby-safe mirror & beet teether to help develop baby’s fine motor skills.
  • Unique soft book that helps to teach about cause and effect when baby plays with the crinkling parts & the beet teether
  • Helps develop baby’s visual stimulation, senses and emotional intelligence from day one
  • The book stands up alone to help encourage tummy-time play