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Tummy-time mirror Book



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  • Baby’s 1st tummy-time mirror book with huge baby-safe mirror,  high contrast & colorful illustrations that stimulate baby’s senses & emotional intelligence.
  • The XL mirror helps baby to learn self-awareness, visual observation and develop communication skills
  • The mirror is covered by the flaps of the book which can be used for a great Peek-A-Boo game between parent and baby
  • Star shaped holes in the flaps that cover the mirror sparkle and capture baby’s attention.
  • The book upright angle helps encourage tummy-time play.


  • Suitable for use in tummy time or in a sitting position and encourages parent - child play interaction and activity.
  • 4 ways to play
    1. 0m+ - back side -  high contract illustrations
    2. 0m+ mirror side - High contrast with baby-safe mirror
    3. 3m+ closed book – colorful side
    4. 0m+ Peek-A-Boo - Close, open, Peek-A-Boo & repeat for endless fun and for a great bonding activity
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and use on the go
  • Size: 18.5X13.5cm

Development Values

  • Double sided upright XL mirror book for 2 developmental stages:
    • Side 1: High contrast colors. Simple visual stimulation. Helps develop baby’s senses and emotional intelligence.
    • Side 2: Rich colors and a huge baby-safe mirror that helps baby to learn self awareness, visual observation and develop communication skills.
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