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Tummy Time Activity gym Gym



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  • Enhance baby’s tummy time experience with our plush padded mat paired with a tummy time pillow & a unique floor arch that provides a platform for arranging toys during side laying and tummy-time exercises.
  • This thoughtfully crafted design not only encourages exploration for pre crawling and sitting milestones but also promotes strength, coordination, and sensory development.


  • Distinctive Tummy-Time Feature: A unique semi-circle hoop, designed to effortlessly hold double-sided cards, a baby-safe silicon mirror, a crinkling leaf, and playful ribbons. Complemented by a soft tummy-time pillow, this setup ensures engaging interactions during tummy time and side laying.
  • Sensory Enrichment with four captivating activity toys:
  • - A tactile fabric hedgehog A rattling beet for auditory stimulation
  • - A pull-activated musical toy, offering 20 minutes of melodious tunes and gentle light
  • - A crinkling leaf adorned with ribbons for tactile and auditory delight.
  • Designed for Three Developmental Stages:
  • - Side Laying: The baby's back is gently cradled by the supportive pillow.
  • - Tummy-Time: The pillow facilitates comfortable positioning, with toys strategically placed on the hoop in front of and beside the baby.
  • - Back Laying: Designed to captivate the baby's attention, offering visual stimulation.
Measurements: Mat measures 87cm

Development Values

  • Tummy Time Training: Our gym prioritizes the strengthening of baby's neck and back muscles by positioning them on our padded mat with the tummy-time pillow for support. This essential exercise aids core development, prevents flat spots, enhances sensory exploration, and prepare baby toward crawling.
  • Self-Awareness Development: Our silicon baby mirror, attached to the semi-circle hoop , fosters a baby’s self-awareness and cognitive growth, especially during tummy time.
  • Sensory Engagement: Delight in the tactile experience of our fabric hedgehog, the gentle rattle of the beet, the gentle melodies from the pull-activated musical toy, and the enticing crinkling leaf with silky ribbons, all designed to enrich baby's auditory and tactile senses.
  • Motor Skill Enhancement: Engaging with our hanging toys not only stimulates a baby's sensory perceptions but also nurtures both fine and gross motor skills, fostering impeccable eye-hand coordination.
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