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Newborn kit



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  • Specially designed for newborns.
  • Our Newborn kit was specially designed to provide parents with the most needed developmental toys that will assure baby is getting all the needed support in a fun & healthy way.
  • Contains 12 must have newborn developmental products in 1 box.
  • Comes with a developmental guide which provides Newborn developmental tips and explains how using each toy inside this kit helps the baby.
  • Great as a gift or for self-purchase


  • The kit includes 12 must-have developmental products for newborns: Baby-safe Mirror, Lion Blankie, Developmental Pillow, Rattle Ring, Crinkle Lion Cub, 5 Double Sided Flash Cards (10 images), 2 plastic card holders & bonus Developmental guide
  • The products inside the kit are well organized and wrapped in a tissue paper providing an enhanced unboxing experience.
  • Great for tummy-time, visual stimulation, learning about cause & effect & emotional development.
  • Size: 35 X 26 X 6cm

Development Values

  • Visual stimulation 0m+ - Your baby’s developing eyesight plays a major role in sensory development. At first, their vision is mainly limited to noticing areas of high contrast and recognition of their parents’ faces. Over time this will improve, allowing baby to see the world more clearly.
  • Tummy-time 0m+ - Spending time on their tummy is key to aiding a baby’s motor development. Tummy time practices essential skills such as lifting and turning the head and strengthening baby’s arms and shoulders in readiness for rolling over, crawling, sitting and walking.
  • Cause & effect 2m+ - From around 2 months your baby will start reaching out for interesting objects and grabbing them. It is also likely they will mouth objects which is another form of exploration and an important developmental stage.
  • Transitional object 3m+ - From around 6 months babies can develop a sense of separation from their caregiver. This can be easier to manage if your baby has adopted a transitional object that they can use for reassurance. A blankie or soft toy which is cuddly, familiar and which carries their parents’ smell can help baby to self soothe.
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