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Musical newborn cosy gym



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  • Innovative cosy gym, specially designed for newborns and will adapt as baby grows, with music, lights and plenty of play activities.
  • For Easier Development and Easier Parenting!


  •  Extra padded play mat that easily turns into baby's cosy mat and a cosy gym.
  • Adjustable arches with unique positioning system to allow easy interaction with baby.
  • toys with contrasting colors, that can hang on the arches and attach to the mat's loops.
  • Four double sided, multi- sensory toys - easy-to-grab rattling Prince the penguin with fury belly, chime bell Star the seal with a teether and crinkling shapes, rainbow baby-safe mirror and a music & lights toy.
  • The musical toy can attach to cots and car seat handles with a Velcro strap.
  • The mat's edge can be used as tummy-time support.
  • Soothing and play time melodies, with color changing soft light.
  • batteries: 2 X AAA (not included)
Assembly Instructions

Development Values

  • The cosy mat makes an easier transition for the baby, from the womb to the world, by creating a secure and cuddly environment.
  • Soft music, contrasting colors activities and unique open arches position allows fewer activities to help avoid over stimulation for the newborns.
  • The mat's edge can be used to help practicing tummy-time which is important for baby's motor development.
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