Taf Toys 4 Pillars

Design – As designers we aim to create innovative toys that spark the imagination, and emphasize basic shapes, amazing illustrations, colors, and richness in form and function… read more

Quality – As parents even before toy designers, we know that nothing is more important than baby`s health and safety. Taf Toys is committed to producing only the highest quality products with an emphasis on safety. We use high quality materials and target the mid to high end consumer market… read more

Music – We are big music fans and strongly believe in the positive contributing factor that music has on a baby`s development. Music is commonly recognized as an ideal tool to soothe, entertain, and even stimulate baby`s imagination. That`s why we have created such a wide variety of designs that incorporate diverse melodic styles such as classical, jazz, rock, country and more… read more

Child Development – Taf Toys’ wide range of products provide developmental toys that correspond to baby`s age and are challenging, fun, and inspire the imagination. All of our toys are created with the intention to promote baby`s emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth. Our goal is to help baby establish a foundation for a healthy and happy developmental path… read more