Meirav Barzilay

Meirav Peled-Barzilay is a versatile designer, working across different design disciplines integrating product design & development as well as graphics design and Illustration. 

She earned her B.A in Industrial design at H.I.T and founded her own studio in 2009. In 2017 Meirav was promoted in Taf toys team to be head designer and illustrator and was a partner in creating some of the brand’s most innovative designs and top bestsellers of recent years.  

With her own unique perspective, Meirav is able to capture playful yet sophisticated sources of inspiration, that correspond with international trends in design and fashion.
Her innovative designs result in exclusive, humorous elegance that adds a stylish twist to delight both babies and parents in their busy lifestyles.

 Meirav is married and a mother of 2 and resides nowadays with her family in Birmingham (England).