Questions Générales

Is there a « must-have » toy list?

Yes! There is a so called « must-have » list sorted according to different ages and developmental stages.

Our « must-have » list is as follow:

0-3 months

  • Play gym or Play mat
  • Crib Mobile
  • Rattles
  • Stroller Arch

3-6 months – all the toys mentioned for 0-3 months and:

  • Baby Mirror
  • Baby Book
  • Activity Toys
  • Musical Dolls
  • Blankie
  • Car Toy

6-9 months – all the toys mentioned above and:

  • crawling encouragement toy
  • High chair toys

9-12 months

  • Shape Sorter
  • Developmental Walker

Where can I find discounted Taf Toys?

It is not easy to find discounted Taf Toys, our policy is to sell at fair prices all year around. But let us know if you find a good deal on our toys so we could buy some as well.