Development Questions

How do I know if a toy is age appropriate for my child?

  1. See the age grading on the packaging
  2. Try to understand your baby’s current developmental stage and the up coming one
  3. Choose toys that can support your baby’s current developmental stage and can challenge him forward.
  4. Be aware that giving your baby a toy that is too complicated for his developmental stage might frustrate him.

How can I know if a toy is developmentally challenging my baby?

A good toy will keep your baby busy for quite a while, put a smile on his face, capture his interest, and excite him.

How do I know how many toys my baby really needs?

Three to five toys for each stage are a good number. If you feel your baby is taking his/her time in a developmental stage buy him more toys. If you feel he is ready to move on buy a toy that fits his new developmental stage.

Are developmental toys for real or just a marketing gimmick?

We believe that good developmental toys are a building block in baby’s development. The world is moving fast (we sometimes think it makes more than 1 round in 24 hours) and faster compared to generations before. Nowadays babies are surrounded with endless stimulations from their surroundings. A good developmental toy caters to key values (colors, music, textures etc.) in an infant’s world.