As designers we aim to create innovative toys that inspire the imagination and can become an infant’s long-term companion. We ensure to emphasize a variety of basic shapes, colors, materials richness in form and function while always paying extra attention to stylish design.

There is a special spirit that permeates our team of designers, product-development professionals, engineers and musicians. We feel that it is this very spirit that brings individual uniqueness to each and every one of our toys.

With this spirit we are driven to produce toys that deliver a superior product design, an unparalleled music selection, exclusive creative illustrations, vibrant colors, shapes, and textures

Development and fun is always the main focus for our team with the goal of promoting all the developmental attributes during the first two years of a baby’s life. Furthermore, our exclusive collaboration with French illustrator Alain Crozon infuses all of our products with a unique fantasy world full of humor and heartwarming expressions. Thus, making each Taf Toy a truly unique piece.