Child Development

Our development system is based on research that shows that emotional development is essential to the child’s success in life.

A baby’s exploration and investigation through his senses during his first year of life enhances both the baby’s understanding of the world around him, that is, cognitive development, and also plays a major role in a baby’s emotional development.

Our role at Taf Toys is to mediate and provide stimulation for the different senses intended to promote a baby’s positive relationships with his surroundings and help determine future relationships and self esteem.

The quality and nature that defines each stimulation is determined by the experience that is perceived by the baby’s senses. Taf Toys has been created so that the entire product range is appropriate for all the baby’s emotional developmental stages. Taf Toys grow with the baby and allows him to go back to a familiar and loved toy in order to discover new qualities, thereby, providing a richer and fuller emotional experience.

The most important component of a baby’s emotional development is their sense of attachment. Taf Toys facilitates an interactive engagement for your baby, be it either between himself and the toy or with a caring figure, and in so doing, provides a positive model of behaviour and attachment.

There are different stimulations that effect a baby’s emotional development. For example, touch, which is the basis of human experience and relationships, is the first sense that a baby develops. This is essential in creating a sense of stable self esteem and communication with other human beings.

Your baby is also stimulated visually when it experiences a toy’s images and uses his innate/inborn abilities to recognize facial expressions such as happiness, sadness, anger, love and come to grasp their meaning. This recognition develops your baby’s emotional response.

Your baby’s auditory sense can be stimulated by different Taf toys and illustrations that encourage communication between adult and baby in an emotional language. Furthermore, music, an important element in the Taf Toys collection, also conveys and evokes a wide range of emotions as they are related to auditory stimulation.

Taf Toys develops its toys with special care and attention in order to provide the appropriate and rich stimulation that helps to develop your baby’s emotional intelligence, as well as, other key/crucial developmental skills (namely, motor skill, cognition and senses).

That’s why we say and emphasize that Taf Toys are there for your baby’s emotions.