Care & Handling Questions

What is the best method to clean my Taf Toys?

On each toy there is a tag with cleaning instructions. Please follow them

What do the washing instruction symbols stand for?

Please see the following website for an explanation: care labels symbols

What is the most “green-friendly” way to dispose of a toy?

If you live in a country where garbage is sorted than please dispose accordingly. If garbage is not sorted in your country please separate the batteries from the toy and dispose of them in the designated place.

In any case, the best way to dispose of a toy is to reuse it by giving it to a new happy baby. Make sure you clean the toy before giving it to a new baby. Also please check the toy to see that all parts are in place and it is not damaged.

Are Taf Toys mats machine washable?

We recommend hand washing your Taf Toys but they will proudly survive a cold water machine wash. Using a machine wash might damage the bird sound in some of our mats. We have specially sealed these features, but in some cases water may damage it.